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List of Covid-19 Dataset and Research Resources (2020)

In this post, we have prepared a list of Covid-19 dataset and other research resources. We can use this dataset for research purpose.

Below is the list of publicly available COVID 19 datasets resources:

1. Center for Disease Control and Prevention-  Click Here

2. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: An agency of the European Union.

COVID 19 Community Mobility Reports   Click Here 

3. World Bank Indicators of Interest to the COVID 19 Outbreak. 

Reference: The Humanitarian Data Exchange-Hdx Click Here

4. Harvard dataverse-  Click Here

5. COVID 19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19).

Reference data.world  Click Here

6. COVID 19 Community Mobility Reports. Click Here

7. Social Distancing Scoreboard. Reference- Unacast Click Here

8. Litcovid Dataset Covid-19. Reference- LitCovid Click Here

9. CAS COVID 19 Antiviral Candidate Compounds Dataset

CAS- A division of the American Chemical Society. Click Here

10. Corona virus and the social impacts on Great Britain Data. Click Here

11. Maine Geolibrary Data Catalog- Click Here

12. Data Science for COVID 19 (DS4C) in South Korea- Click Here

13.Allen Institute of AI CORD-19: COVID 19 Open Research Datasets- Click Here

14. Postman COVID 19 API Resource Centre- Click Here

15. A Public Data Lake for Analysis of COVID 19 Data- Click Here

16. Global Coronavirus Dataset Library-Click Here

17. Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID 19) – the data.

Dataset Name -Our world in data COVID 19 dataset-Click Here

18. Global Coronavirus (COVID 19) Data (Johns Hopkins)

Dataset by COVID 19 DATA RESOURCE HUB- Click Here

19. Transparency data. Coronavirus (COVID 19): attendance in education and early years settings-Click Here

20. COVID 19 Public Dataset from Google Cloud Platform- Click Here

21. California COVID 19 Hospital Data and Case Statistics- Click Here

22. The University of Arizona,Health Sciences Click Here

23. COVID 19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University-Click Here

24.  COVID-CT-Click Here

25. Esri COVID 19 Overview  Click Here       

References of List of Covid 19 Datasets and Resources for Research:

  • dataverse.harvard.edu
  • aws.amazon.com
  • data.cdc.gov
  • kaggle.com
  • data.world
  • gov.uk
  • unacast
  • ncbi.nlm.nih.com
  • google dataset search engine
  • cas.org, ons.gov.uk
  • semanticscholar.org
  • lionbridge.ai
  • humdata.org
  • ecdc.europa.eu
  • ourworldinda.org
  • uahs.arizona.edu
  • data.chhs.ca.gov
  • github
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • esri.com
  • Allen Institute of AI (AI2)

Other resources from internet.

The above list of Covid-19 Dataset and resources is useful for machine learning and data science research.


The abovementioned website links have been collected from the internet. It is a listing post.

If you have any suggestions regarding the links please write down in the comment box.

Dr. Ujjal Marjit, PhDhttps://researcherssite.com
Dr. Ujjal Marjit leads the Centre for Information Resource Management of the University of Kalyani, India. He received his bachelor honours degree from Visva Bharati, Central University and Master in Computer Application from Jadavpur University, India.He did his BLISc and MLISc from Madurai Kamraj University, India. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Kalyani. He was also a visiting researcher at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway. Dr. Marjit was a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), USA. He has coauthored several book chapters and over 70 research publications in various International Journals and Conferences. Dr. Marjit attended many national and international conferences in India and abroad ( Germany, London, Finland, Norway, Netherlands). He has been working in University since 2001.


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