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List of Covid-19 Dataset and Research Resources (2020)

List of Covid-19 Dataset
List of Covid-19 Dataset and Resources

In this post, we have prepared a list of Covid-19 dataset and other research resources. We can use this dataset for research purpose.

Below is the list of publicly available COVID 19 datasets resources:

1. Center for Disease Control and Prevention-  Click Here

2. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: An agency of the European Union.

COVID 19 Community Mobility Reports   Click Here 

3. World Bank Indicators of Interest to the COVID 19 Outbreak. 

Reference: The Humanitarian Data Exchange-Hdx Click Here

4. Harvard dataverse-  Click Here

5. COVID 19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19).

Reference data.world  Click Here

6. COVID 19 Community Mobility Reports. Click Here

7. Social Distancing Scoreboard. Reference- Unacast Click Here

8. Litcovid Dataset Covid-19. Reference- LitCovid Click Here

9. CAS COVID 19 Antiviral Candidate Compounds Dataset

CAS- A division of the American Chemical Society. Click Here

10. Corona virus and the social impacts on Great Britain Data. Click Here

11. Maine Geolibrary Data Catalog- Click Here

12. Data Science for COVID 19 (DS4C) in South Korea- Click Here

13.Allen Institute of AI CORD-19: COVID 19 Open Research Datasets- Click Here

14. Postman COVID 19 API Resource Centre- Click Here

15. A Public Data Lake for Analysis of COVID 19 Data- Click Here

16. Global Coronavirus Dataset Library-Click Here

17. Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID 19) – the data.

Dataset Name -Our world in data COVID 19 dataset-Click Here

18. Global Coronavirus (COVID 19) Data (Johns Hopkins)

Dataset by COVID 19 DATA RESOURCE HUB- Click Here

19. Transparency data. Coronavirus (COVID 19): attendance in education and early years settings-Click Here

20. COVID 19 Public Dataset from Google Cloud Platform- Click Here

21. California COVID 19 Hospital Data and Case Statistics- Click Here

22. The University of Arizona,Health Sciences Click Here

23. COVID 19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University-Click Here

24.  COVID-CT-Click Here

25. Esri COVID 19 Overview  Click Here       

References of List of Covid 19 Datasets and Resources for Research:

  • dataverse.harvard.edu
  • aws.amazon.com
  • data.cdc.gov
  • kaggle.com
  • data.world
  • gov.uk
  • unacast
  • ncbi.nlm.nih.com
  • google dataset search engine
  • cas.org, ons.gov.uk
  • semanticscholar.org
  • lionbridge.ai
  • humdata.org
  • ecdc.europa.eu
  • ourworldinda.org
  • uahs.arizona.edu
  • data.chhs.ca.gov
  • github
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • esri.com
  • Allen Institute of AI (AI2)

Other resources from internet.

The above list of Covid-19 Dataset and resources is useful for machine learning and data science research.


The abovementioned website links have been collected from the internet. It is a listing post.

If you have any suggestions regarding the links please write down in the comment box.



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