Useful Tool for Identifying Trusted Journals and Publishers

Think Check Submit
Useful Tool for Identifying Trusted Journals and publishers

In this short article, I am going to share with you a useful tool for identifying trusted journals and publishers for academic research.

In my previous article on Useful Tool for Identifying Predatory Journals, I elaborately discussed and demonstrated how to identify predatory and fake journals.

Searching for advice where to publish your research then you have come right place.

Here, I will walk you through Think Check Submit. an international cross sector initiative for choosing trusted journal as well as publisher.

This approach aims to guide researchers, foster transparency, and increase confidence in trustworthy studies and publications.

In order to choose trusted academic journals and publishers Think Check Submit. plays an important role.

Moreover, this source lets you make an informed decision regarding whether or not a journal is suitable for your research.

Identifying trustworthy journal and reputed publisher is one of the difficult tasks due to the lack of expertise and support.

So, academic researchers have to face challenges during their journal selection phase.

Think Check Submit. initiative alleviates the above mentioned issues.

It helps you in understanding how to evaluate journals and publishers to choose the trusted journals.

The checklist lets you identify which journals and publishers in your discipline are trustworthy.

Here is a snapshot of the checklist:

Checklist : Source


The above mentioned tool has been prepared based on the following information.

  • Do you or any of your coworkers have any knowledge of the journal?
  • Is it simple to locate and contact the publisher?
  • Is the method of peer review used by the journal specified?
  • Is it obvious how much money you’ll have to pay?
  • Is there a dedicated service that indexes and/or archives articles?
  • Is the publisher a member of a well-known industry group?
  • Is there any information for writers on the publisher’s website?


If you want to check trusted publisher then you check the following  criteria:

  • Are they members of the Committee on Publication Ethics ?
  • Is the article mentioned in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) if it is open access?
  • Is the editor a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers’ Association (OASPA) if the journal is open access?
  • Is the journal available online through one of INASP’s Journals Online platforms?
  • Is the editor a member of a professional organisation?

You can read Think Check Submit in various languages.

Think Check Submit. is a comprehensive resource for you looking to select the proper authenticated journals and publishers.

I encourage you to use this Think Check Submit for selecting trusted journal.

You can also use Compass to Publish tool for determining the authenticity of open access journal.

Advice from Think Check Submit on choosing the right publisher is very useful for PhD students and ECR.

I hope you find this post helpful.


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